Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

 Maddie and Izzie baking some cupcakes for our Valentine's Day Party. I sat outside the kitchen so that I wouldn't take over but was available if they had any questions. They got their nifty aprons and measuring spoons from Lady Clara and Gator.

 pics with mom while the cupcakes cool...

 Valentine's Party at ACE.

 Maddie with her Bunnies and Izzie with her Kitties.

 I think Izzie's waiting for something in the microwave. I thought it was a funny picture so I took it without her noticing.

 Family Game night. Ticket to Ride.

 For Valentine's Day I woke up early with John JUST so I could give him big kisses on his head for work. I waited an entire year for this because Valentine's day was on a weekend when I originally had the idea.

 Valentine's Pic! (Yeah, okay, really showing off my curls. I'm totally digging this Curly Girl Method.)
 Maddie and Izzie got chocolate heart mazes for valentines from us.

 And I made them some pink drink from a Dr. Suess cookbook.

 The girls helped me design this card for Daddy.

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