Thursday, February 9, 2017

Projects Galore

 In science we were discussing forces and talking about how structural engineers need to study forces so they can design bridges that hold the weight of cars. The project was to make a bridge that could support pennies only using one piece of paper. The goal was to see how many pennies you could do before it crashed. Izzie wanted to be able to support a toy car so we weighed the car and she worked until the pennies equaled the car and then checked.

 Maddie lost interest when she found out there was a one sheet of paper limitation, but she ended up designing a crazy structural bridge. She got close to 200 pennies (thank goodness my piggy bank was full!) She could have had more but the bridge wasn't big enough. It ended up being a really great project.

 Learning about different shading techniques in art.

 An owl came to visit our backyard!


 I bought this fabric to make Maddie a dress but then was very terrified to actually cut it! I ended up doing pretty okay job, it's one of Maddie's favorite dresses, but matching up the pattern pieces was hard!

 My new curl regime starting to produce ringlets! So cool.


 So the PNW is known for rain. But this January we've gotten an insane, record breaking amounts of rain. This day it came down so hard and fast we had flooding. Partly the ground is so saturated the water has nowhere to go. So when we had a deluge the streets flooded, but luckily it went down fairly quickly.

This was a street...

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