Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday

 Happy 9th Birthday to Maddie and Izzie. Our Elf always brings them a gift.

 Izzie, one of my sleeping 9 year olds


 Mema had laryngitis. Which doesn't mix well with her. Mema not being able to talk is like the WORST thing for her. She really wanted to go out to dinner with us for Maddie and Izzie's Birthday celebration so she spent the day resting in bed. Rhonda was also in town for the girls birthday so we did a Christmas present exchange too.
 Opening presents in bed.

 I brought Mema lunch in bed trying to get her strength up!

 Rhonda reading a book.

 I made a very lame cake. I couldn't get it off the cake pan without it falling apart so we just went with it!

 Momma, Izzie and Maddie.

 Darian and Daylynn

 We were waiting for Darrin to show up so we gave up and had dessert first. The kids didn't complain.

 We went into this little hole in the wall Mexican place for dinner. It was pretty tasty. Mema and Pepaw.

 Pepaw not thinking about the fact we had cake already, ordered the girls more cake! It was sweet and they shared it with the table.

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