Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reading all the time, everywhere!

 We went to see a junior production of Shrek the Musical. All the actors were kids and they did a great job. The kid that was the gingerbread man was hilarious. Complete stage ham. He carried the production in my opinion!

 Daddy, Izzie and Momma

 The girls trying to push me out of my reading spot. They are pretty good at that.

 Nanna looking at all our library books and Izzie trying to weasel her way into the chair.

 Maddie working on her research paper on Lions.

 Izzie working on her research paper on Cheetahs.

 Maddie and Izzie in the reading chair.

 Nanna's house plants make a great indoor jungle.

 Maddie spied a hawk!

 Reading Harry Potter at the Breakfast table.

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