Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tea anyone?

 My teacup collection. I decided to collect all white teacups in different sizes and shapes. I really want to put a special shelf in the dining room to show them all off, but in the meantime they are hanging on hooks at the back of my pantry. I used to love all color (and I still do in some ways,) but my 30's will be known as "her white" stage. I want white cups, white sheets, white dishes, and if I could get away with it white couches (ha!) I like the idea of a white on white bathroom too. I think the simplicity calls to me with the chaos of kids.

 Izzie wanted a smoothie for breakfast but I didn't have any frozen fruit so I told her to eat this smoothie popsicle. It was just leftover breakfast smoothie poured into a popsicle mold. She was tickled.

 Izzie reading in Daddy's lap.

 So one night, was trying to get some work done on my computer and Jake was just being super needy. He wanted to be held, which is sort of unusual for him. I was worried he wasn't feeling well. Well, I'd made this baby wrap for Izzie to hold a baby doll and so I grabbed it and wrapped Jake up to me. He totally dug it. He sat all cozy and warm like that for 15 minutes or more. I'm not sure I got anymore work done, but it was fun snuggling with him.

 This was a fun history game. We were talking about how the countries in Europe were under a lot of flux. The kings/emperors/laws and borders were changing every few years. So we played this card game where each round the rules changed! It really highlighted how difficult it would have been to live with constantly changing government.
 This place is great for rainy or cold days. The kids get to crawl/jump/dance and squirm.

 Izzie in the tiger head.

 Sure I had all summer to add the new patches on... but doing it the night before scouts is so much more fun.

 Trying a new shoe organizational system, because that'll solve all my woes. NOT.

ah... fire....

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