Monday, October 31, 2016


 The time we found an apple the size of my daughter's head. It fed a family of six. We were a bit disappointed because it was sort of mealy but it had an interesting lemon flavor. I can't think of the variety name at the moment.

Waffles for dinner! And an apple the size of Izzie's head.

 On Halloween, I took the girls to John's office so they could show off their costumes and we went out to lunch.

 Momma and Maddie at Five Guys Burger

 Daddy and Izzie

 We got to go to Music class in costume, then we went to the library, because it's fun to go do stuff in costume.

 Cards from Grandpa and Grandma in the mail!

 Somehow our traditional meal before we go trick or treating is messy red spaghetti. Not sure how that quite happened, but we've made spaghetti every year on Halloween.

 Dad about to take the kiddos out while I stay back to hand out candy.

And they are back with the loot.

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