Thursday, September 22, 2016

Virginia City

 The next day we went to Virginia City, which is a really cool tourist spot. It's an old town that looks like an old west town. They even have a show down in the street at noon. We snapped a picture of Maddie and Izzie in jail, but then they put us in jail too!

 The stores are really neat, selling all kinds of things from handmade items to touristy fun items.

 Shopping all morning we stopped in a saloon for lunch.

 Grandpa and Grandma.

 I got this amazing buffalo chicken salad. SPICY, but delish!

 I think this is called the Million Mile View. The camera doesn't capture it, the view goes on forever. You used to be able to go in a restaurant and out on their balcony, but it was closed.

 This shop was amazing.

 Trying for another pic of that view.

 old buildings.

 The day started out fairly nice, but quickly turned cold. It even started snowing teeny tiny flakes! As we were driving back to the condo there was a cold fog out over the lake.

When we got back, hot chocolate was the best way to warm us up!

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