Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Troop 45078, Seaside, OR

This year Izzie and Maddie's girl scout troop decided to go to Seaside, Oregon for a two night adventure about two hours away from Vancouver. The council owns a little (and I do mean little) beach house in this very touristy city. There was 12 girls, Veronica, the leader and I on the trip. We had plans for a third adult but at the last minute she couldn't make it and we were still within ratio. 

 Yay! We finally arrived and it was time to unload the van. The first surprise was this fence around the property. The gate was way on the other side so it made unloading the van a bit tricky, but the girls stood in a line and handed things down like an old fire brigade. Talk about teamwork! We unloaded both vans lickety split. (And boy were those vans PACKED to the brim.) We had enough food for 14 people 6 meals, sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, activities... you get the idea.

 Fire Bridgade line.

The scout house.

 Once we got in and settled we let the kids have a bit of free time so that Veronica and I could cement in our plans. They did some art projects and played some games.

 This is Izzie, Maddie, Jennifer, Madeline and Molly playing Apples ot Apples.

 This was the space/house. I was standing in the "dining" area (which was defined by linoleum floor as opposed to the indoor/outdoor carpet of the sleeping/living space. The "beds" were stacked over in the corner. It was cozy for sure! But it all worked out great. The kids did a great job of keeping their gear organized. All around the room was 'gifts' left by previous troops, some several decades old!

 Veronica was in charge of activities and I was in charge of food. The third adult was supposed to be in charge of organizing the caper chart, so we had a bit of floundering around until we spliced together a good system. I had multi-level kids cooking with me and girl scouts has very specific rules about which level is allowed to do what safety wise in the kitchen. We decided to do a combination of homemade (the mac n cheese) and prepared (the nuggets.) Some of the kids had never made mac n cheese before and they were very proud of their efforts. I was proud of my efforts, because I don't do well with two of my own kids in the kitchen, here I was directing four at a time and trying REALLY hard not to take over.

 Hanging out.

 Our cabin was not exactly ON the beach. It was what felt like 100 blocks from the beach. It was actually only a little over 1/2 a mile from the beach (really??) but trying to stear 12 girls to "STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SIDEWALK FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS!" "STAY WITH YOUR BUDDY!" and "STAY WITH THE GROUP! WALK FASTER/SLOWER!" on the very crowded sidewalks, it really did feel far. There was pretty scenery along the way. We also were doing a photo scavenger hunt which slowed the procession WAY down. But it's all about the journey, not the destination, right?

 We finally made it to the boardwalk!

 Troop photo: Lacy, Maddie, Izzie, Taylor, Veronica, Madeline, Jennifer, Caitlyn, Delia, Holly, Clair, Kaylee, Molly.



 Last year when we went to the beach it was REALLY windy. So Izzie made sure to bring ear protection. This time it wasn't too windy. It was nippy, but not cold.


 We made a fire and did smores for dessert.

End of our first day. It was a fun filled packed day!

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