Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our Third Not Back to School Campout at Oxbow Park

 We arrived and it was drizzly raining. I really don't prefer to camp in the rain, but guess what, I live just outside of Portland so I guess it comes with the territory. Plus the good weather makes up for the not so good. Luckily it only rained off and on that first day of set up so the rest of camp was nice and dry. Also, as the girls and I were setting up I realized we forgot our campstove. I couldn't believe I forgot that! Mom and Chris were camping with us and luckily they stopped to eat before heading to camp so they were still close to the house. They swung by and picked up the stove before coming to camp. Since we were still under a fireban (hello, it's RAINING?!?) we had to use the stoves the first night.

 Maddie in her giant raincoat... that's what happens when you buy clothes online.

 Trying to keep our gear dry under the shelter while I put up the tent.

 Izzie and Maddie playing cards under the pavilion.

 We bought these cards right before camp and didn't realize how cool they were. They are see-through! They are plastic and waterproof. Neat!

 Maddie and Izzie cozy in their tent. This was a homeschool campout with lots of other families, but so far I've only taken pics of my kids. I didn't realize I did that!

 Next day Maddie and Izzie eating breakfast burritos. The mornings are pretty chilly!

 I got Chris this small coffee press for his birthday to take camping. He likes it so much he uses it everyday!

 I love that the deer visit at Oxbow. Not so much the mountain lion that we heard was in the vicinity! Glad I didn't get a chance to photograph that!!

 Izzie and Maddie washing dishes with Nanna. Some of the other kids were surprised they had chores at camp.

 I am so glad I managed to get their bikes on the back of the van. Because they biked about 95 percent of the day. Except when they were eating and sleeping. Unless they were eating while putting on their helmets like Izzie here...

 Sasha playing cards with Izzie and Maddie.

 I played some card games with the other other moms.

 Treya playing in the camp sinks.

 Biking through the woods.

 "Shhh!" There is a secret meeting going on in those trees. They need camouflage, the pink stands out too much!


Fireban lifted! Yay fire FIRE! To be continued...

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