Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Glasses

 Our science curriculum this year is called Mystery Science. It's really great. We watch a video on a scientific concept and then there is a hands on lesson to follow. This lesson was talking about Properties of Material. Is a material: reflective, absorbent, stretchy, stiff, ect. The challenge was to make a sun hat with limited materials. I got to be the model as Maddie and Izzie designed away. Describing why they chose each material for the hat. It was pretty funny!

Izzie doing some math practice with the iPad.

 It was time for me to get new glasses and Maddie helped me pick these out.

 Esperanza playing Sleeping Queens with Izzie at homeschool group.

 Izzie and Maddie in Maddie's fort.

 Maddie made herself some nun-chucks out of yarn and toilet paper rolls. Very much into Ninjago these days. Jay and Lloyd Garmadon are their favorite fictional characters!

Daddy went to Seattle for a game convention and he brought back these new Purple Bunny and White Teddy. Not to replace THE Purple Bunny and THE White Teddy, but so that Pbunny and Wteddy could have some friends.

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