Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Music and Horse Lessons

 John giving me a foot rub. Not a common occurrence, worth a photo opp.

 Sometime in the future this will seem like one of things that people can't believe. You mean you used to walk around a grocery store for over an hour individually putting items in a cart? Then you had to take the items out of the cart and put them on a conveyor belt followed by each item being put in a bag and then back in your cart just so you could load the bags to your car? Whoa... crazy. Click List is the future. I spend half an hour in my pajamas in front of my computer making a grocery list and then the next day, I pull up and a kind person puts the items in my van, I pay and drive off. It's so amazing. I don't use it every week, but I probably should. It only costs $5 and I usually end up spending way less because random items don't jump in my cart.

 John and his legos it is the theme of 2016. Apparently there is a term for grown ups that played with legos as a kid, stopped playing with them and then started again as an adult. It's called THE DARK YEARS. John has left THE DARK YEARS and has fully embraced his inner - lego child. I think it's great. Yeah, I wish legos were a bit cheaper (they are just molded plastic!) But the hours of bonding time between Dad and his girls are so worth it.

 Izzie. She rarely does school in anything other than pajamas. I guess it's a perk of homeschooling.

 I'm not a huge fan of participation trophies. But Maddie and Izzie earned their 6 months of music trophy. I mean, I guess it's a marker of accomplishment. They have been practicing a lot and are both doing so great in piano and guitar. I'm super proud of both of them.

 This photo of Izzie studying her collection of lip glosses is just everything.

 Izzing leading Hildie.

 Maddie tugging on Ellie. Yeah, Ellie is a bit stubborn to put it mildly.

 Hildie is gorgeous.

This is the first summer that I've spent so much time in my backyard. Reading, eating, hanging out. It's just such a peaceful place to be. And I'm so glad that Nanny helped us remodel it. Everytime I'm in the yard, I think of her. It's just about perfect.

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