Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Horseback Riding in Tahoe

 The Mermaid Pose was the way to pose for this trip. Maddie and Izzie.

 Momma and Maddie

 Jackie and Tom surprised us with a family horseback riding afternoon. We went to this barn out in the middle of nowhere. I wasn't sure what kind of trail ride to expect, because there wasn't any trees or trail, it was just wide open space. Which ended up being pretty awesome! They let us kind of ride in a bunch, so I was able to ride right up next to John and the girls. Izzie got Killian, Maddie got Misty, John was on Meeha and I was on Chip, who was an AMAZING horse. I could ride him all day. My favorite part was splitting off from John and the girls and getting to trot/canter out in the wide open pasture. It was such a blast!


 Izzie. Somehow we didn't get a photo of her looking at the camera while on the horse.

Super fun day, super fun memories.

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