Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gold Bug Mine and Apple Hill

 Driving around Tahoe

 We planned a trip to the Gold Bug Mine. It was a working mine before WWII that dug out gold. The mine shut down during the war and now people get to tour some of the mine shafts. It was really great visiting off season because we were one of two families visiting so we got to take our time and really check it out.

 Daddy had to wear a hard hat because miners were shorter than him. I wore one because I thought it'd be fun.

 It was pretty dark. There were little lights, but our cell phone flashlights really helped.

 We downloaded an App on our phone that was our "docent." There were little numbers along the way and we'd listen to a recording at each stop on our cell phones.

 Then we went to the press.

 This huge machine would crush the rocks to separate the gold out. Workers used mercury to attract the gold. They didn't have long lives due to all that handling of mercury!

 A scale model of the press. The docent turned it on for us and it was LOUD, and this thing was just a fraction of the size of the large press. Apparently many miners lost their hearing too.

 Upstairs was a working blacksmith. He wasn't in a chatty mood, but it was cool to see some of his work.

 After the mine we stopped at the Buttercup Pantry for lunch. What a cute place!

 Next we started to drive to a place called Apple Hill where a craft fair was going on. But we passed this quaint little winery and poked our heads in for a glance.

 The winery was beautiful.

 After the craft fair we stopped for Apple Pie on Apple Hill.

 Later that night at the condo, everyone else had leftovers and I walked down to get sushi at The Naked Fish. It is SOOO good.

 And Maddie put on a mini concert for Grandma and Grandpa.

 Then Izzie played the guitar.

John and I finished the evening with a nice donation to a casino.

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