Friday, September 30, 2016

Back in the swing of things

Maddie working on my computer while Izzie works on the school room computer, doing some online math lessons.

 Jake is trying to steal this blanket.

 Maddie at horse lessons.

 S'mores tray!

 Impromptu hotdog dinner party. We really need to do this more often! It was so much fun.

 Izzie found painted rocks!

 Foggy days, fall is here.

 Playing this fun dice game for math, but Maddie wasn't too into it today.

 Probably because Izzie was winning.

The girls entered an IKEA drawing competition. The winner's design will be made into a stuffed animal. Izzie drew the dragon and Maddie drew the giraffe. They didn't win, but it was fun to enter.

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