Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ridgefield Wildlife Preserve

 I was sitting in the red chair reading my book and then two girls squeezed in on top of me. We read like this for a few minutes before I felt squished out.

 Didn't bother them at all... Izzie and Maddie.

 Picked up our friends Heather and Treya and ate lunch at this cute little bakery in Ridgefield before going to tour the Ridgefield Wildlife Preserve. It was a fun day.

 Izzie, Treya and Maddie

 The Ridgefield Wildlife Preserve is a couple mile loop that you do in your car. You drive like 5 mph so we let the kids free in the back after I put the seats up. This was pretty cool to them.



 Izzie with a mudmush cake she made. They have gotten so good at mud pastries that they look really edible!

 The "factory."

Maddie and her petit fours.

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