Thursday, August 18, 2016

Organizing the school room, summer is going by too fast!

 Izzie and Maddie working on a lego build at their table

 2016- The summer of painting rocks. I wonder if this is a thing in other parts of the country? Vancouver Rocks was a facebook movement that even got recognition from the city for a grass roots community award. Basically you paint a rock with the words Facebook Vancouver Rocks on the back. Hide the rock. When someone finds it, they hopefully will post that they did. They can keep it or rehide it. It's been very fun. Maddie painted this bunny rock, but she wasn't ready to hide it yet.

 Gator getting his dinner ready. We had a grill out.

 It was sort of too hot for the firepit, but we had fun hanging out in the backyard anyway.

 The heat didn't stop us from lighting a fire, but we didn't hang out around it for much more than making a quick smore!

 Mermaid Maddie and Nanna.


 I took like10 pictures of my ringlets, I was having fun with them.

 Close up of Lego Campground.

 The firepit.

 Daddy and girl pile up!

 Just so I don't forget... eight year olds can still have fall to the floor temper tantrums.

 Organizing the school room for a fresh start! Third grade is right around the corner!

Most of the time I try to go to the grocery store without kids, but they are actually old enough to be quite useful. We split up in the produce isle each gathering apples, oranges, cucumbers, etc... and then after loading the car, who puts back the cart? Not this mamma!

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