Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Start of school year

 Happy Birthday Popo!

 We were very excited to start our new math curriculum called Beast Academy. It is taught using a graphic novel approach and helps make learning fun.

 Here's Maddie, looking at her first sheet of math.

 Our grammar book is immense this year! Lesson one of many to go! Izzie


 We also added in a lego robotics class this year. It's called Lego We Do 2.0. We had a hard time getting it up and running, but once we got the kinks worked out, it's been a very fun class!

Daddy and Izzie cuddling.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

First Day of 3rd Grade

 Izzie and Maddie on the first day of THIRD grade! I couldn't pick just one photo that I liked, so I'm posting them all.

Maddie and Izzie modeling some new clothes they bought.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Troop 45078 Seaside, OR Day 2 & 3

 Making pancakes for breakfast, Seaside trip, day 2.

 Maddie setting butter out at the tables.




 The troop decided to spend half an hour to pick up trash off the beach. Way to go girls! Leave it better than you found it.

 There is a big race called Hood to Coast. It starts at Mount Hood and goes all the way to, you got it, Seaside, Or. Well we didn't realize that we were there right before the race. THANK goodness we left the day the racers arrived. Even still, we got stuck in bad race traffic leaving town and it took over double the amount of time to get home. Seaside was crowded enough without all the racers and their support, we saw them setting the beach up for what looked to be a massive gathering. We took a photo in front of the finish line because we thought it'd be kind of funny!

 The girls voted to rent two of these surreys. There were four peddlers and 7 people on each one. It was fun/terrifying. They were fairly easy to steer, braking was a screechy thrill and speed was all man power. We had to follow the rules of traffic for cars and therefore, cars couldn't go around us. It was all good until we got on a narrow UPHILL road and ended up blocking traffic as we were peddling like mad to get out of the way. Laughing/screaming the whole way. The road ended in a dead end at the beach so we had to go back down it on the way back. That was both fun and again, terrifying as the breaks screeched the entire way so we didn't go flying into the other surrey. Would we do it again? Heck ya.

 Afterwards we all felt we earned an ice cream cone.

 One of the girls said, "Hey! That statue wasn't there when we were here yesterday!" I asked, "Are you sure???" And then I looked closer. Yep, street performer painted gold and incredibly still. Crazy!

 Jennifer, Madeline and Maddie painting rocks.

 Claire, Izzie and Taylor painting rocks.

 Making sweet and sour foil wraps for dinner. Foil wraps always sound better than they really turn out to be, usually. They can come out and taste great and other times they burn up completely. We did pretty good this time around. We tried to make something called "campfire cones" for dessert (a foil packet dessert) that ended up being a big failure. But the kids all got a handful or two of chocolate so they were good.

 Fire safety, hair tied back, shovel and water bucket (outside the photo) and  being very careful to flip the foil packets.

 Sweet and sour chicken. Turned out pretty good.

 Madeline teaching Izzie how to play "garbage."

 Maddie, Izzie, Jennifer and Madeline.

 Walking down to a different part of the beach on the third and last morning.



 Time to clean the cabin.

Fearing the car ride home may in fact be longer than we hoped we had the girls all make "dinner/snack" packs for the ride home with all the leftover food we had. This ended up being a good thing!