Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vancouver Rocks!

 I wouldn't make a good spy because I'm about to give away trade secrets. See, this banana man was drawn on the back of a lego floorplan design the girls are working on. The floorplan is a secret training facility for ninja legos. The banana man is a diversion tactic, because according to my two 8 year olds, the bad guy would see the banana man and think, "oh, no secret floorplans here, move along now." Brilliant in its simplicity.

 Enjoying beautiful weather in my amazing backyard.

 I heard about this group called Vancouver Rocks. It is simple really, find a plain rock, paint a rock, hide a rock. If you find a painted rock, post it to Vancouver Rocks FB page. No agendas except to share art and foster community. It exploded this summer. The group is HUGE. It's up to almost 30,000 members. The population of Vancouver is 162,000 so that's a significant amount of people involved in the art movement. And people hide them everywhere! Grocery stores, parks, library, doctors offices, coffee shops, parking lots etc. And people are having rock painting get togethers. We met a bunch of moms and kids in the park one day and painted our first rocks.
 I painted a Panda.

 Maddie working on a scenery picture.

 Izzie painted this cute rainbow.

 And of course there was time to play at the park while our rocks dried.

 More painted rocks.

 Got home and had a picnic lunch, I didn't have it in me to pack a lunch for our rock painting get together. Wish I had though, because we were having so much fun, we didn't want to leave!

 Funny picture of Jake.

Izzie building.

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