Tuesday, June 14, 2016

First Campout of 2016

 Maddie reading to Bob-Dog while I'm packing us up for our first campout of the season! This girl needs a real puppy. She loves cats and dogs, but she is more of a dog girl. Izzie loves animals too, but Maddie cannot walk past a dog without ohhhing and ahhing. She just loves them. Shortly after Ripley passed, she pulled Bob out of the bottom of the stuffed animal pile. (She named him that when she was three and decided to stick with the name.) Anyway, Bob goes just about everywhere with us and she got a collar and leash for him. It's equal parts sad and cute. It'll be awhile before we get a new puppy, so loving on friend's dogs and her stuffies is as good as it gets for now.

 We pulled up to our spot at Cape Disappointment and the girls immediately got out to explore. It was named Cape Disappointment because the explorer who found the area was looking for the mouth of the columbia river. If he had just gone another mile or two, he would have found it, but he turned around just before finding it!

 If you look closely, Izzie's up in that tree. Izzie loves climbing trees. When she goes to a new park the first thing she does is scope out the trees and see if any of them are climbable. She was very satisfied that not only was our site next to a really cool climbing rock, it had several climbing trees in our radius.

 We made good ole' fashioned Girl Scout Foil Dinners for dinner the first night. Well gourmet ones anyway!

 Popo climbing with the Izzie.

 Izzie reading Harry Potter up on the rocks.

 Dinner's ready!

 We made salmon foil packets! I put down a layer of cabbage leaves first and that really helped keep the salmon from burning. It actually ended up tasting good too.

 Mom helping to make the apple turn overs for dessert. Camp is one of the few times we eat dessert. We love our pie irons!

 I have two of these, I hope to get 2-3 more. They are so cool. It's okay to make desserts in two, but if we want to make pocket dinners, like chicken pot pie, having one per person would be better so everyone can eat at the same time.

 Photographic evidence that the moms were on the trip.

 It POURED at night. Luckily our tent held up and it was a good thing that Chris put a tarp on his. Because otherwise Mom and Chris would have gotten drenched. Also, you can see the cool rock that was in our site.

 Apple turnovers!

 Time to do the dishes. Maddie, Izzie and Nanna on clean up duty.

This little greedy raccoon about drove us crazy. He was relentless in trying to get to our food. He ate our dessert the second night and we mom forgot to put her hot chocolate packets up at night. The next morning there was chocolate powder all over our camp table!!

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