Thursday, April 7, 2016

Photoshoot, Day 2

 Many hours have been spent on this deck over the years playing all sorts of different things! Izzie, Maddie.

 Izzie, Mema and Maddie. We had a "girls day out" and I took Mema shopping and then out to lunch. I pulled up to Pei Wei and Mema said, "I'm not eating at PeeWees! I told her it was pronounced "Pay-Way" but she didn't believe me. She cleared her plate, so I know she enjoyed the lunch! Of course a couple weeks later when I was back in Washington, Mema called me and told me that peewee restaurant I took her to got closed due to health inspections! Yikes!

 Izzie, Mema, Maddie and I.

 Photoshoot Day 2. This time at Rebecca and Darrin's wedding event facility place, Avalon. It's so gorgeous! He's had such vision for this place. When he bought it was so overgrown and the building was in sad shape. Now it's just a very lovely place to have an event (or pretend ot have tea, like the girls are doing here!)

 There's a lot of waiting time in the modeling business.

 Outfits on!

 The photographer.

 You can be a lady all day, sometimes a game of chase is required.

 Maddie and Izzie posing for me. We are still waiting for JUST the right light. Then it's a crazy mad rush until it's too dark. Again, these pictures are all taken with my camera and are not the professional ones Darrin took! (Obviously.)

 Maddie, Izzie, Daylynn and Darrian.

 Me and Darrian.

 And action!

We had a great stay at Mema and Pepaw's and it ended all too quickly. The next day we were back on the road to Dallas. The girls were very sad to go, and it was a hard good bye, but I'm so glad that the girls are getting time to spend with my Mema, their Great Grandma and even a chance to recreate some of the memories I had as a kid with her.

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