Wednesday, June 22, 2016

End of Camp and Father's Day

 On the way home from camp we decided to stop in Astoria for lunch. We were pretty grimy, but decided we didn't care. Mom had a guide book and was looking up restaurant recommendations. She found one that sounded pretty good, and no where did it say it was a vegetarian place. Thankfully when they got there, there was a menu posted at their door. We were looking at it and I said outloud, "Oh this looks like a vegetarian place." Apparently Izzie was REALLY hungry because when she heard me say that she said VERY loudly, "I want MEAT!" It sort of cracked us all up. A lady was walking by and couldn't but help overhear. She pointed us towards the hamburger joint at the end of the block. That's where we ended up eating!

 These girls have fallen asleep in the care probably five times in their lives. This was one of them. Camp wore them out! Thankfully those water bottles didn't crash down on their heads while they were sleeping!!

 Daddy and the girs putting together some lego kits.

 Some of my friends showing off their awesome mother daughter yoga skills.

 Izzie and Maddie playing Lego Dimensions.

 The first clue in the annual Father's Day scavenger hunt.

 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie on Father's Day.

 We like to celebrate half birthday's around here, because well, why not! Plus when you are a kid that 1/2 is important in your age. You aren't just 8 anymore, you are 8 and HALF! I bought a giant cupcake and we cut it in half!
 Maddie and Izzie with their HALF cupcakes.

 Maddie's first lesson on the sewing machine.


 Least favorite part of camp, when you camp in the rain you've got to air out the tent on the next sunny day!

quiet reading moment.

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