Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Visiting Angela, part 1

When I moved across the country from my family, the very first person to make me feel at home as my friend Joann. She and her twin boys left balloons on our door. The very next friend I made was the wife of John's boss (at the time), Emily. She has triplet boys. We hit it right off. But within the first couple weeks of living here, Emily introduced me to Angela and her girl/girl/boy triplets. (She's also mom to three teenagers!) That first summer, I felt right at home with all my new Moms of Multiples friends. Then Emily had to move away to Arizona. Not too much after that Angela and her family moved up north to Pullyap, WA. I was sad to see all of them move. But Ang, invited us to spend a couple nights at her house this last spring and we had such a great time catching up! 

 Isaac, Makena, Maddie, Izzie and Mikayla. We went to this really cool place called Northwest Trek. They had a "nature" playground for the kids to explore and a safari ride. The safari ride was fun, until the wind kicked up and made almost everyone in our groups allergies flare up. There was something in the air that made everyone have red puffy eyes.

 Izzie and Maddie

 Maddie at the Nature Education center next to a stuffed wolf.

 The kids and Angela playing a survival game.

 Buffalo we saw on the safari ride.

 Later that afternoon, Ang and I were sitting around the kitchen table and we realized it had gotten quiet. Really, really quiet. When there are five 7&8 year olds and two teens in the house with NO noise, you go and check. I guess the morning wore them out! All the kids were quietly reading books. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever.

 But being still only lasts so long, so outside for bike riding!

Maddie on her bike. 

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