Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sword Fight at Homeschool Group

 Homeschool Park day the kids brought Nerf Swords and daggers and had an epic battle. There may have been tears involved. One girl thought it was getting too serious and while we were trying to reassure her that everyone who was playing really was having fun and that anyone could leave the game at any time, she really thought it was scary. At that point some of the sword play really did get out of hand so we had to calm everyone down. A few minutes later everyone was happy again and the swords got brought back out. I'm sure lots of playground lessons were learned that day!

 Maddie showing her battle stance.

 Adorable Ilan going after Maddie. He was right at gut level and got some good strikes in!

 This probably should have gone on the last post but this is two of the mud masterpieces that the girls made.

 Foxglove growing in our backyard.

 Firepit night.

 Izzie reading near the fireplace while I grilled up some chicken.

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