Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Friend's Houses!

 Maddie and Izzie at their friend Treya's house. She has a beautiful two acre spread. We love going over there and enjoying the Japanese style gardens they have.


 Pictures from around Treya's property.

 Maddie on the big swing.

 The next day we went to Esperanza's house for gardening class. The girls were checking out how their peas were growing with Hanukkah.

 Back at home they went to make mud pies in the backyard. I was in the other room and I hear, "Mom, I'm going to leave my jeans in the laundry room, they got a little muddy!" A little muddy indeed! Yikes! Luckily, amazingly, they washed out and I'm glad she had such a great time playing. Getting muddy is what childhood is all about!

 Bunny hopping across our street.

 Handsome Jake!

Cuddle Jake.

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