Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A bit of this and that

One day I was walking around the backyard, actually the side yard, the part which is tucked back and no one really ever goes over there, and I saw this beauty of a flower. I love how my yard always surprises me!

 A gift from the previous homeowners that we are finally dealing with. They left gallons and gallons of old mostly dried up paint and stain in our shed. We really haven't used the shed so it was easy to ignore. But this summer I started renovating it, in hopes to turn it into a playhouse for the girls.  We got the demo done, but put the rest of the project on hold.

 When I moved to Vancouver a friend I met online put balloons on my door. So when I met a lady on a homeschool board that was moving from Ft Worth, Texas to Vancouver, I did the same for her. It was a fun way to pay it forward.

 Izzie, Momm and Jake cuddle!

 Maddie and Izzie playing on my friend Hanukkah's piano.

 Sewing lessons didn't exactly go as planned this school year. For whatever reason, the bag we started at the beginning of the year kept getting pushed aside. But we were so close to completing it that we made a push and finished it up. The girls have been using it all summer to carry markers in. This is Izzie finishing up.

 Maddie doing those last few stitches!

 Maddie showing off her handmade bag.

Nanna and Popo took the girls to the library and Maddie asked to check out an atlas. She's had a lot of fun studying the maps.

Izzie, ta-da!

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