Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Photoshoot with Unka D

 It may have been our Spring Break, but I brought along a little school work to work on each morning. This is Izzie working through some math problems.


 All the twins playing in Mema's room. I think they are playing with stickers.

 We went to do a photoshoot with Unka D at this place that used to be a site for Baylor University if I got the story straight. Now it's a park with some old crumbly buildings that make cool backdrops. This is Izzie and Maddie waiting for the light to get right.

 Unka D turning the models' heads to position them "just right."

 Maddie and Izzie, taken with my camera phone. The real pic is much better lit! But they are all still sitting on a CD and I need to to through and organize them. Note to self... actually order pics this time!!!

 Rebecca, Unka D, Maddie and Izzie.

Freeze! Then Unk runs to take the shot!

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