Monday, April 4, 2016

Mema's House

 After Sabrina's birthday party we had plans to spend the night at our friend Riley and Ashlea's house. On the way we spontaneously stopped at the Wylie library to say hello to our old Librarians. We were disapointed that Ms. Dea no longer works there but Ms. Ophelia our other favorite librarian was there and she remembered us. We were regulars and really loved our librarians. It's one thing I miss here, there isn't really "children's librarian" at the branches in Vancouver. The library system is great, but I miss the connection we had with specific librarians!

 Izzie and Rylie. These girls. The three of them picked up like no time had passed between them.

 Rylie's first sleepover! She was excited to have Izzie and Maddie spend the night with her.

 The next day we got up and headed to College Station to visit Mema and Pepaw. We stopped at a rest stop on the way to stretch our legs. The Texas rest stops are nice with playgrounds, information centers and nice bathrooms.

 We were so happy to see Mema! I missed her so so so much!!! Here she is showing the girls how she and her sister used to make skirts out of leaves to play in.

 Pepaw and Maddie. Maddie got bit by a couple ants and Pepaw was making her feel better.

 Mema's beans and sausage. The girls could not eat enough of these. We told them to SLOW down or they'd regret it...

 The little twins! Darrian and Daylynn loved the rainbow dresses that Maddie and Izzie saved back for them.

Daylynn, Darrian, Izzie and Maddie

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