Saturday, April 16, 2016

Girl Scout Horse Camp

 The Brownies of Troop 45078. The older girls do horse camp on a separate weekend. This was a 24 hour camp. We arrived at 4pm, spend the night and checked out by 4 the next day. What a jam packed time it was too! We stayed in Cabin 6. Caitlyn, Madeline, Jennifer, Maddie, Izzie with Taylor laying across.

 Meet and greet with the other brownie troops.

Madeline, Jennifer, Maddie and Izzie.

 Smores of course.

 After dark scavenger hunt.

 Getting ready for bedtime.

 But time to play first. Izzie, Maddie and Jennifer.

 Maddie liked her cubby hole bed.

 Horse care class.

 Troop 45078


 The tire swing was a HIT.

 Taylor, Izzie, Jennifer.





 Art project.

 Maddie and Taylor.


 Maddie riding on Stretch...

 Izzie and Momma on Stretch.

 This is Stretch. Stretch is SO cool. He's a log with old saddles bolted to it on a flatbed trailer. But the trailer has different size wheels so Stretch goes up and down in wonky ways as he's pulled by the tractor. Coolest tractor ride EVER.

 Maddie on the tire swing.


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