Monday, March 7, 2016

Boxes are still fun

I got a couple big boxes and asked the girls if they were too old to play in them. They said, "No way!" and proceeded to come up with lots of fun stories to go with their boxes.

At the park Maddie found these two feathers and I told her I'd try to identify them. I lucked out and figured out they were feathers from a Northern Flicker, which is also a bird that comes to our feeder! 

 Photo of a Northern Flicker.

 I haven't done a complete revel of the table that I stained, mostly because I still have to finish up the other two chairs!! But here is a sneak peak corner and the new buffet I bought with the pretty flowers John got me for my anniversary!

 Izzie and Maddie did all their school work this morning in boxes. It was fun and different.

 "Hey sissy, can I come over??"

 Izzie practicing her guitar.

 Maddie doing some reading homework with Jake.


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