Saturday, March 12, 2016

Art all around!

 Seedlings are growing in garden class!

 Izzie playing with the new baby chicks that Hanukkah got.

 Maddie and Treya.

 We are watching drawing videos and doing the exercises in the video. Today's lesson was to draw a shoe. Here's Izzie's sandal.

 I drew my boot.

 Maddie drew her flipflop and made sure to include the shadow.

 Maddie snuggling with Jake while reading a book.

 They got these rainbow looms I think when they were five but they weren't quite coordinated to use them. Even at 8, it's a challenge for some of the more difficult patterns. Izzie made a couple, but Maddie really got into it.


 Storytime at Janet's house.

 Maddie with her double buns.

 Maddie working on some math problems before bedtime.

 Art history today was talking about printing. We painted a thin layer of acrylic paint in a cookie sheet. Working quickly so the paint doesn't dry, we scratched out a picture using a toothpick. Then we pressed the paper, smoothed it out and peeled it up. Some results came out great and others, not so much. We want to try again after I get a smooth roller. The paintbrush left streaks.

 One of the better prints.

 Maddie made a rainbow's worth of loom bracelets.

 Homeschool group! It was raining, so we were stuck inside doing art.

 New dresses!

 To continue her rainbow theme, she painted her nails rainbow like.

Last indoor fire of the season maybe??

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