Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Music Classes begin

 Our wisteria got a major haircut. It hasn't been properly pruned in years and years and there was a lot of dead wood tangled up in the vine. Cutting it back will also give us a chance to repair some of the arbor supports that it has lifted up over time. It was crazy seeing it all come down. On the cool side, my friend Peter is a master basket weaver and so he came and took a bunch of the branches home to make a basket out of it.

 Maddie and Izzie ready for Girl Scout Thinking Day. This year their troop had Switzerland.

 Belinda our stray chicken still is coming around to say hi every few days.

 And after Maddie asking to take piano lessons for over a year, I finally got her enrolled in a class. Izzie wanted to learn guitar. They both like their teachers and the first lesson went very well.

 Right now we are renting Izzie's guitar to see if she wants to stick with it. She's really excited so I hope she does!

Popo gave Maddie this keyboard for Christmas. They both have been practicing and can't wait for their next lesson.

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