Monday, February 15, 2016

Homeschool Valentine's Party

 Izzie working on a math worksheet that I uploaded to her iPad. Excitement for their Homeschool Valentine's party which is in the afternoon.
 Maddie took her iPad to their bedroom to work on her problems. When I went to check on how she was doing, I could barely see her except the glow from the iPad light. The blackout curtain works pretty well, I'd say.
 Maddie and Izzie all dressed up for their party!

 Presenting the lovely Izzie.

 And the dazzling Maddie.

 They started out by making mailboxes out of cereal boxes.

 Kiki explaining all the games.

 They did a few minutes of Minute-To-Win-It games that were fun!

 Some of the mailboxes

 Waiting for everyone to finish delivering Valentine's.

 Maddie and Izzie.

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