Monday, February 29, 2016

Blue skies and playdates

 Izzie and Maddie putting a US puzzle together. They like pointing out all the states they've visited/driven through/lived in. Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington! Even if some of these were just drive throughs, that's a lot of country these 8 year olds' have seen!

 This is the thumbprint bookmark Maddie made me. She said that since grown ups like kids handprints so much, she figured I'd probably really like a bunch of fingerprints. Oh how correct she is. Love my sweetie!!!

 Maddie showing off a girl she drew.

 Izzie doodled this on her dry erase desk. Looks a bit Goth to me!

 Julia and Ethan over for a lego playdate!

 Maddie at the park on a rare warm day.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Jake reading with John.

 Pretty blue skies. We've had lots of rain this season. Yay! I sincerely hope that means no fireban this summer! But it also means we appreciate sunbreaks that much more!

 Izzie trying to find a goo place to read. This wasn't it either, she only stayed here for a minute and then went somewhere else to read.

 Maddie built a windmill out of Tinkertoys.

 Izzie's self portrait.

Some of the ACE kiddos.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Polar Bear Experiment

 Maddie and Izzie playing Go Fish.

 The girls got some money from Lady and Gator and they wanted to check out Claire's for some jewelry. Izzie was very happy. She had a hard time narrowing down her selection. She ended up picking a very fancy necklace and some earings. Maddie didn't want any jewelry at first, but she did find a bracelet and then found a cute fuzzy journal that she decided to buy.

 The mall has a small branch of our local library so or course we had to stop in. As we were leaving the girls saw this TV that was playing a show? about cats. There wasn't any sound, just close up of different cats playing. It was sort of mesmerizing. After I finished checking out our books, I looked up to find both girls just laughing and giggling away at the cute antics of the cats. It was really weird, but cool.

 Maddie leading Izzie around on a horse.


 Girl Scout meeting!

 Belinda the stray popping over to say good morning. This was a couple weeks ago, we haven't seen her recently. She either made it back home or made it in the belly of a predator. I hope she made it back home.

 We are learning about animal adaptations and specifically adaptations of Arctic Animals. The girls both tried putting their hands in ice water, lasting just about 10 seconds. Then we put gloves on, slathered crisco on and put that in a ziplock bag (good hint, it makes removal easier if it is all contained.) Here is Izzie with her adapted blubber hand. She found she could stay in the ice water for a long time! After 10 minutes she got bored. Fun experiment!

 Maddie and her blubber hand!

 Maddie kept hers in for awhile too, then she also got bored. They really got to see how animals insulation helped keep them warm in icy waters!

Later that day, at homeschool group. It was raining really hard so they came into color and play games.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Homeschool Valentine's Party

 Izzie working on a math worksheet that I uploaded to her iPad. Excitement for their Homeschool Valentine's party which is in the afternoon.
 Maddie took her iPad to their bedroom to work on her problems. When I went to check on how she was doing, I could barely see her except the glow from the iPad light. The blackout curtain works pretty well, I'd say.
 Maddie and Izzie all dressed up for their party!

 Presenting the lovely Izzie.

 And the dazzling Maddie.

 They started out by making mailboxes out of cereal boxes.

 Kiki explaining all the games.

 They did a few minutes of Minute-To-Win-It games that were fun!

 Some of the mailboxes

 Waiting for everyone to finish delivering Valentine's.

 Maddie and Izzie.