Saturday, January 2, 2016

Super Hero Birthday

This year the girls wanted a Super Hero birthday party. We decided to mix things up and all SuperHeroes were fair game, DC and Marvel. The party was originally scheduled for Dec 12th, but Izzie started running a fever and we postponed to January 2nd. So by the time the party finally arrived, we had some excited girls! 

 One of the games we made was Spidey Spray. I painted this city scene on a large piece of cardboard that was in the garage. Then I glued villains all over it. We blindfolded the kids, turned them three times and then gave them five seconds with Silly String to spray (attack) a villian. This was a huge hit!

 Spiderman was on the corner of the display, but the rest were all villians from the Spiderman world.

 Both girls decided on chocolate pie instead of a birthday cake. So I made this Captain America Shield.

 Apparently something was on my camera lense and I got a bunch of blurry photos. Not happy! Izzie picked out this pink super shirt to wear for the party and Maddie went with the traditional blue/yellow/red.

 Momma, Izzie, Daddy and Maddie. I was wearing a Captain America shirt. I only got a few tries on the tripod before the family said "ENOUGH."

 The idea was to take a pic of the girls and all their friends as they arrived. I got the first couple but then we got distracted.

 Another game was Thor Throw. I printed off a poster of Loki and we taped it to the door. The kids took turns throwing a foam Thor Hammer at a toilet paper structure that Maddie and Izzie made of a Hydra base.
 Musical Super Hero Logos. We also played Freeze Dance.

 Saving the city!


 I had to help Ezra out a bit.

 Maddie. I'll probably be finding bits of silly string for ages. But it was SO worth it.

 Happy Birthday Song.

 The candles wouldn't stand up straight in the small pies, so they quickly went in the big pie.

 Then the kids watched The Incredibles. We went with a cartoon movie to accommodate the younger guests. We had kids ages 4-10 in the party. Homeschoolers usually involve entire families.

 While the kids watched, the grown ups TRIED staying quiet drinking tea in the den.

 Opening gifts.

 John "Hulk" Dittlinger or is it John "Superman Hulk" Dittlinger?

 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie.

 Thank goodness for the Food Saver I got for my birthday last year from my Mom. I've been saving individual portions of food so after a fun, but exhausting birthday party, I pulled out tuna casserole for Izzie, Meatballs and Mashed potatoes for Maddie, Lasagna for Daddy and Chicken with Orzo for myself. I sat down and said, "Four home cooked meals, I've been slaving away for hours!"

Me as Captain Amanda!

Birthday Guests were:
Kiki- Soapie & Siale
Hanukkah- Esperanza and Ezra
Heather D- Treya
Heather W- Kate, Lila and Jake
Katherine- Sasha, Ilan and Kiran
Robert- Summer
So glad to have such wonderful friends! Sad not everyone could make the rescheduled party, but 14 kids + adults filled up this house, so it all worked out!

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