Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year Starts off Cold!

 After the pretty snow we had, Monday, we had a some freezing rain which melted some of the snow, and otherwise caused problems. My van was encased in ice, but I wasn't going to be driving anywhere on the icy roads anyway! John had to work from home too, it was a mess out there! Luckily, by Tuesday the temps had risen and the ice had mostly melted and it was safe to drive again.

 This is the last of the dried rosemary I had from my big rosemary bush in Texas. I'll be a bit sad when it's all gone!

 The girls got this game called Robot Turtle for Christmas and it is a lot of fun! One person (usually the adult) is the computer and the other people are the programmers. You use cards to create a program that moves your turtle to its gem. The board can be set up in endless ways and the difficulty of the game can be easily adjusted to super simple to very complex.

 Jake trying to take a nap but the sun is too bright!

 Maddie with a bit of a sore throat, taking it easy and reading with Jake.

 The snow has melted in most places around the city, but our lot stays so shady that it hung around for a few days after it melted in most places. By this time it had all turned into ice though.

 Izzie wanted to play as the computer so she set up a really difficult board for Maddie and me!

 Our Girl Scout leader asked all the brownies to make a "No Cook" snack recipe for the Cooking Badge. Izzie made some homemade hummus.
And Maddie made homemade granola bars, modeled off the Larabar brand. They came out delicious, we had to keep tasting and adjusting the recipe because at first they were a bit bland.

 Still melting...

 At girl scouts this week, one of the mom's, Debra, taught the girls how to bind a homemade book with thread. This is right up Maddie's alley, she loves making mini-books.


 I didn't get a great photo, but our homeschool group had a great turn out this week! We haven't met for a couple weeks because our day fell on Christmas and New Years, so everyone was eager to say Hello. Even better it was a bright sunny day, so the kids bundled up and spent a lot of time playing in the park before coming into the Scout room with it's heater.

 Maddie and Izzie coloring, but I didn't get a good photo.

 Izzie lost her second front tooth last night. (As you've noticed, she pretty much is living in this pink footsie. I have to peel it off her and wash it and then it goes right back on. This girl finds a comfortable outfit and sticks with it for a long time!)

 John wanted me to put a funny quote on the board.

Jake cuddling with Daddy.

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