Friday, January 29, 2016

Lego Man Sculpture

 Lego activity at the library. It was okay, but not that great. We were expecting a bit more structure, perhaps a lego build challenge. But it was just free play.

 We had leftover Plaster of Paris so the girls wanted me to make Lego men from the cake mold I had from an old birthday party. I thought they could paint it, and I could poly it and put it outside in our garden, but apparently it is really hard to seal plaster of paris all the way and it decomposes in rain quickly. Since we live in a very rainy area, this isn't ideal. So they'll be indoor decor.

 Our friend Esperanza came over to play and the three girls had a great day that included dress up.

 And a big game of "store" Maddie was selling animals at the pet store.

 We moved the party over to Esperanza's house when Hanukkah invited us over for dinner.

 When both lego men were dry, the girls painted them. Izzie.


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