Sunday, January 31, 2016

International Cat Show

 Portland winters mean a lot of time indoors. Well there is the saying that there isn't such a thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. And while we do bundle up in clothes to go outside some days, and definitely take advantage of the rare sunny days, you have to find ways to get out some energy indoors. Which is why I finally agreed with John about removing our coffee table so the girls had room to wiggle in the living room. These bouncy balls have been the best purchase (twice) of the year. (Twice, because the first set popped because I over inflated them.... ooops.)

 Jake trapped me in a hug. I'll take it anytime!

 On a totally spontaneous whim, we decided to go to the International Cat Show in Portland. Mom came across a mention of it and we thought, why not? We had been to a International Cat Show many years in Houston back when I was a teenager. So that's what we were sort of expecting. Well apparently Houston has one of the largest convention centers in the world. So the booths were spread out and the show ring was in a separate room, and there was lots of room to wander about. Not so here. It was in a hotel ballroom and everything was SMOOSHED together. You couldn't really linger, the crowds were thick. I'm shocked how calm the cats took it all. When we got there though there wasn't a line. Chris went to go park the car and by the time he joined us we were laughing that suddenly there were four people in line ahead of us. When we left the cat show, the line was out the door and around the building! They were counting how many people were leaving so they would let that many people in. Like I said, we had fun, but if we'd seen THAT line when we arrived, I think we would have gone out for ice cream instead! The girls enjoyed looking at the different breeds. They really liked the spotted coats of the bengal cats, but their favorite of all was the persians. John wasn't interested in going to the cat convention. Even when I told him it was like a game convention but with cats instead of games.

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