Friday, January 22, 2016

Homeschool classes. Bats and Horses

 One Sunday night as we were getting ready for our family movie night, I look outside the window and exclaim, "There are chickens on our deck!" John and Izzie come running, but Maddie was in the shower. They were pecking at some birdseed that had fallen from our bird feeder. I added just a bit more more because I wanted Maddie to see them when she got out of the shower. Remember how they say don't feed a stray? Listen to them.

I posted to my neighborhood board but no one really knows for sure where these chickens live. They've been hanging out in various neighbors yards for awhile now. Several weeks after this photo, the only hen I see around is the one on the left. They also don't say name strays. Meet Belinda, also known as Chicky-Chicky. I have not fed her again, but she comes by almost daily to say hi to me. I've been working out in the garage and she keeps me company. I really wouldn't mind but chickens poop a lot. A lot a lot. We've now got chicken poop everywhere. But she's such a sweet gal. We've also got raccoons under the back deck, and I'm surprised they haven't gotten her. Maybe they are full from eating the other three. Or maybe the other tree made it home. I don't know, but for now, we've got a stray chicken named Belinda (after the chicken in the Wizard of Oz, book 2.)

 I signed the girls up for a homeschool science class. This month is all about BATS. It was pretty cool, there was a slide show and then she had boxes of real bat specimens that the kids got to look at closely. They learned how to spot the differences between fruit bats and insect eating bats.

 Maddie budding up with Treya and Izzie and Ezra studying a bat box.

 Me taking a picture of Kiki taking a picture of Hanukkah holding a bat. That's a unique sentence for sure.

 It was past time for the girls to get a trim. Izzie getting just a wee bit off.

 And Maddie. She put them in the booster seats because she said their hair was so long. But they want to grow it even longer!

 Izzie riding bareback on Ellie at homeschool horse lessons.

Maddie on Ellie. 

So for most of the year, you cannot see the moon from our house. It is always behind the big giant cedar trees. We've had all these cool "red moons" or whatever throughout the year and every time I go check, nope, no moon. You also pretty much can't see sunrises or sunsets from anywhere in our house. But I was out and about one night and the moon in the clouds was amazingly spectacular. I snapped this photo which does it NO justice, but it was still cool to see a big full moon, even if it was a regular ol' moon and "special" moon.

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