Monday, December 14, 2015

Visiting Santa

 Daddy playing nintendo with his girls.

 Maddie at horse lessons

 While the kids were riding, I sat by the fire and watched. Nice.

 Izzie and Maddie making a Loki poster.

 And creating towers to knock over for their Thor Throw game for their birthday party.

 And then Izzie started running a temperature, so that meant I had to postpone the birthday party! We were all disappointed. It's rescheduled for January 2nd.

 Freddy reading a Christmas book.
 Luckily Izzie's sickness was really quick. By the next evening she was feeling fine. I still felt bad that we had to cancel their party so I told them I'd make whatever they wanted for dinner as long as it included a vegetable. They chose bacon and waffles. They completely ignored the vegetable requirement. But I just decided to go with it, because sometimes you do.

 I am so super excited about the knobs I ordered! I got these off Etsy. They are old water valves/faucet handles. So cool! I don't know what I'm going to use on the cabinets. More of the same or something a bit different.

 By Monday, everyone was feeling chipper, so we decided to hit the Mall early to visit Santa without any lines or crowds. It made for a long day, since we did our school work in the afternoon, but no line with Santa was so worth it. These are the gorgeous Christmas dresses that Grandma and Grandpa sent this year. The girls look forward to their dresses every year. (Maddie, Izzie.)

Our Mall (the one and only in Vancouver) has a very small library branch in it. How cool is that?? We've never actually gone in, so while we were there we decided to pop over. Izzie and Maddie were excited to see a bunch of books that weren't on the shelves at our normal locations.

And the Santa Picture.

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