Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ornament Making Party

 So I decided to host an Ornament Making Party, sent out invites and then regretted that moment of spontaneity. But it's moments like that and my commitment to follow through that keep me doing fun things that I wouldn't normally do. The first task was to pick out a few ornaments that would be fun for ages 4-10 to make. That is a wide range of skills, people! I also wanted ones that didn't require a lot of dry time and no baking. After scouring pinterest, I came up with these three. The snowman required some dry time, but using tacky glue, I think it worked better than elmer's glue. I put the tacky glue on a piece of cardboard and gave the kids flat toothpicks to tab just a small amount of glue on to their project. That way, it dried much faster than a bottle of glue with copious amounts liberally applied like the 4-7 year old group would have done.

Part of a successful large scale ornament making party is plenty of prep ahead of time. I made an example of each ornament. For the snowman, I ended up using pom poms instead of buttons and orange foam cut in triangles for the nose. Buttons are cuter, but pom poms are cheaper. 

 The little Chrismas tree had several parts so I put each part on a plate. Another option would have been to make little baggies with enough supplies for each ornament, but I felt this felt more cooperative. I also put one ornament station in each room. One in the living room, den and dining room. I put a plastic sheet down because the sequins were glued to the felt tree rings. Glue + lots of kids..... requires precautions.

 The Snowman requiring the most amount of glue stayed at the dining table. Note to self, next time put a plastic tablecloth down. I meant to, but forgot before the party started. Luckily the glue wiped up easily enough.

The beaded snowflakes were a favorite with all the ages, but especially the four & fives. 

 I bought this Merry Christmas sign and it looks perfect over my quote board. It's faux chalkboard, the Merry Christmas is painted on. After Christmas I'm going to see if I can turn the back into a banner that I can use for other times of the year!

 After the ornament party, all focus turned toward the girls' birthday party that was supposed to be that Saturday. (It ended up getting postponed due to fever, but I wouldn't know that until the end of the week.) Their theme is a Super Hero Party. We came up with a few fun games, one being Spidey Spray. I painted this city scene on a big piece of cardboard (about 3.5' by 5.5') I'm going to glue Villians all over it. I'm going to hang it on the wall and lay plastic over the couch. We'll spin the kids around and then let them try to spray a Villian down with Silly String. My version of Pin the Tail. The girls are making up a game called Thor Throw that requires throwing a foam hammer down the hallway at a poster of Loki to knock down a tower they built out of toilet paper holders. We will also have Musical Superhero Logos and possibly Hulk Smash. To end we will watch a SuperHero movie.

 A bunch of photos of Izzie. She was talking to me, and I just kept snapping pics.

 Freddy our Elf.
The girls' computer is not working so I loaded their typing game on my surface. Maddie's typing score went way up. She likes the smaller keyboard. If we can resurrect their computer, we are going to look into buying a mini-keyboard for their small hands.

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