Thursday, December 31, 2015

On the Eve of 2016


 Izzie working on her New Year's Resolution. She wants to read the first two Harry Potter Books by the end of the year.

 Maddie wants to learn four songs to play on the piano.

 Maddie showing off her Resolution.


 I bought this banner that says, "Merry Christmas" on the other side in a permanent chalkboard font. I removed the hangers from back and added eye hooks to the top and chalkboard contact paper on the "back." Now I've got a year round banner.

 The hummingbird feeders froze solid and I had some angry little birds flapping at the window until I thawed them out.

 This little guy (to the right and above the feeder) is named Humphrey. He's been hanging out and guarding three feeders for about a week now.

 Christmas stuff is all put away.

 On New Year's Eve, Mom and Chris bought some Beef and Barley stew over and then after dark we went outside and lit sparklers for a few minutes. It was about 27 degrees outside so we didn't stay out long!

 Nanna and Popo.

 John came out in his jammies did one sparkler and then ran back inside. Brrrr.

 Jake had the right idea to curl up on the new quilt and stay warm!

Hanging out fireside was a nice way to end the year, too.

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