Thursday, December 3, 2015

O'Christmas Bush, O'Christmas Bush

 Isn't it great to have a sister that will brush your hair? They don't do this often, but I bet in a few years they'll be french braiding each other's hair.

 Our library shelf is temporarily the Christmas Book Shelf. I still have six more bags to sew, that I forgot to do after Christmas last year! But still it's nice having all those bags to reuse. Each night the girls open a book and we read it as our countdown to Christmas.

 Just for fun, I made each bag slightly different to open. Using bows, buttons, velcro, zippers, elastic and clasps.

 Nanna made them quilts to snuggle up to while we read.

 Maddie and Izzie at JJ Jump. This has been the wettest December on record, and we have to go to places to get some energy out!

 O'Christmas Bush, O'Christmas Bush, I'm so glad you finally turned into a tree! My dear friend Angela gave me  her tree before she moved away. I'm just going to assume she didn't know all the lights were burnt out for the sake of our friendship! I joke, I joke! But seriously, it took HOURS and HOURS to destring this tree. Each and every single literal branch, without exaggeration, was wrapped up and down with lights. Even with gloves, I got scratched up. But now that the tree is all put together, I'm happy. At one point, I was worried we were only going to have a Christmas Bush to celebrate, but I triumphed.

Izzie opening one of the book bags while Maddie looks on.

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