Saturday, December 19, 2015

December fun

 The Kids Club Jungle Gym is a great option for cold, rainy days! The girls can spend hours dancing, climbing and crawling around in this place. Maddie had to come out for a quick drink of water and then back in she went!

 Izzie cuddling with Jake.

 Our tree at night.
 Freddy the Elf hanging from the ceiling fan.

We got invited to our friend Treya's birthday party. As part of the fun, an Improv Comedy company came to do a little workshop with the kids. Here she had six kids line up and tell a story one word at a time going down the line. Maddie and Izzie jumped up to play the game with their new friend Summer. They hit it off so well with Summer, that we invited her to our rescheduled birthday party.

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