Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

 Santa's been here!

 Izzie and Maddie coming down the hall.

 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie.


 Daddy, Izzie and Maddie.

 Nanna, Popo, Daddy and Maddie

 John showing off the quilt that my Mom made him for Christmas. She made an extra tall lap quilt!

 The haul.

Izzie and Maddie playing Roominate. This toy is so cool, but mostly because it reminds me of one that I played with when I was a kid. Mema bought an old toy at a church garage sale for the grandkids to play with. It was these plastic pieces that fit together to form a loose representation of a home. The furniture and style of the set was all set in the 1960's so it was so retro cool to me and my cousin. We'd spend hours designing different configurations to houses. This is almost the exact same thing, except it's a bit more open ended than the set that I played with. I wish Mema hadn't gotten rid of that set, it was SO cool, but she threw it out one day when she thought we were done with it. (Which we were NOT.) Just so she knows... Anyway, I'm glad my girls took to it right away, it was so cool seeing them play with this!

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