Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm on a horse!

 Thanksgiving being on Thursday, canceled out the girls' horse lessons. So Cathi, their instructor was holding make up lessons on Friday that could be scheduled separately from our regular class. I signed us up for a Mom and Me class and John came to watch us. That way he could see the girls ride and where they take lessons. Here's Maddie and Izzie showing Daddy around the place before our lesson.

 I'm on a horse! I don't think I've ridden in 10 years. I missed it so much. We played some horse games, like weaving cones and moving a mini cone from the top of one post to the another (which was harder than it sounds!) And we went on a trail ride.

The girls still have someone walking next to them on the trail, but they are doing pretty good with controlling their horses in the arena. 


 I'm not sure that my helmet is actually "safe" anymore... it's over 20 years old. (HOLY CRAP... How do I own something that is 20+ years old????) Uh... anyway.... I brought it out of the closet and showed it off the the girls. It still has my PANDA nametag from when I was a counselor and painting of Panda's on the sides. Ten years ago when I was the Riding Director at Misty Meadows, I remember debating on buying a new helmet back then. But I didn't want to show up to the barn in a sparkly new helmet, I needed a broken in helmet for instant "street cred."

Momma, Izzie and Maddie. 


  Izzie and Maddie talking to Mema and Pepaw on Facetime.

 The girls liked painting blindfolded the other day and they decided they wanted to play with shaving cream blindfolded.

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