Friday, November 20, 2015

I always forget to take pictures of the actual party

 I was craving an Apple Pie, so I made this Apple Slab Pie for my Crafting Night Party. It's basically a thin apple pie.

 I put out a hot cocoa bar which showcased my awesome tea mug collection. Other than a basic four white that I started out with, none of my mugs are the same, except that they are all white. I love it.

 Apple Slab all cut up.

 I also made some cinnamon raisin bread and put out some dried fruit and nuts. Mom made caramel dipped apples and friends brought some things to enjoy also. It was a fun night.
 Hanukkah and Ezra at horse lessons.

 Taking a break and warming up by the fire.



 Hot cocoa by the fire with books. Life is good.

 Izzie playing a balloon game. Forget expensive toys, a hanger and a balloon is all you need in life, right?

 Izzie and Maddie singing on the fireplace just like I did at Mema's house when I was a kid.

 And now it is Maddie's turn to be sick.



 I love my chalkboard cupbuards. Some weeks I get fancy. Not always, but it's fun to change it up.

 I took one of daddy's t-shirts and one of their old nightgowns and made this new nighty. Maddie likes these little dress nighties but I've had a hard time finding them.

 Aftervwork cuddle time.

Art History studying Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel.

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