Monday, November 9, 2015

Cedar Grist Mill

 I took this at a stop light outside my neighborhood. The colors on the trees are just so great this time of year!

 I bought two new fuzzy blankets because our throws were close to 10 years old and ratty. These are insanely soft and Izzie especially has taken to both of them! She's in that throw puddle, you can see her head!

 We signed up for a homeschool field trip to visit a local landmark. It's the Cedar Grist Mill. It's an old working mill that grinds wheat and corn into flour. It was pretty cool and had a great history.

 Maddie and Izzie. Did I mention, it was a pretty cold and wet day?

 So pretty!

 This guy was our volunteer docent. He told all about the workings of the mill and it's history.

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