Monday, November 30, 2015

Rest in Peace My Pug

 One of the best face shots I ever got of Ripley when he was not even two years old. I don't have any of his puppy pics in digital, or I couldn't find them. When he was born in 2000, I had a digital camera but it used a floppy disk!

When John and I were dating, he told me after he graduated he wanted to get a dog. I am not a dog person. We were engaged at this point so I knew, that what ever dog he got would eventually be my dog too. So my mom decided to help me out and (after talking with John, because pets are never good surprise presents,) she bought him a pug for his college graduation present. I did LOTS of breed research and read that pugs make good apartment dogs, they don't bark at just every little thing, they don't require lots of exercise and once they reach adulthood they sleep a lot. These were all desirable qualities. The negatives of pugs is they shed ALOT (and why we went with the fawn color) and they snore like a chainsaw.

So, I went out and picked Ripley from the litter and I was home in Houston that summer between classes. I potty trained him and took him to puppy classes. He used to be so darling, he'd run outside and pick up a magnolia leaf as big as he was. The leaf would flip up and cover his eyes and he'd freeze in a panic and start whimpering. This process was repeated over and over. By the time he was potty trained, it was time for me to go back to school, so I took him to Dallas where John was living and working. They immediately became best friends.  

 John and his buddy. By this point I had installed a NO dogs on the sofa rule, because he loved nothing better to get up on the cushions and dig himself a comfy spot. John liked to spoil him and declared that when he was in his lap, he wasn't technically on the sofa. He was a smart dog, and learned the difference.

Ripley's first toy was Miss Piggy. The lady who we bought him from said he got attached to Miss Piggy from birth. She normally didn't send dogs home with toys, but she said they were inseparable. Eventually Miss Piggy got torn apart but she was replaced with Stanley the Octopus. Ripley went through at least 4 Stanley's. He also had a rope that was a favorite toy. And then there was the duck. The duck was his last favorite stuffy to get attached to. Jackie had bought it for John's sister, Dana's classroom. It was sitting on the counter for the next time Dana came by. Ripley saw it and started whimpering. And would not stop. Tom, put the duck in the closet. Ripley stood outside the closet and barked until they relented and gave it to him. The stuffed duck was as big as he was, but that didn't stop him. He drug that thing around everywhere. He'd sleep with it in his mouth. He's the only dog that I know that loved stuffed animals more than any kid. He played with stuffies until he was probably 11 which is pretty old for dogs!

 Ripley loved NOTHING more than the Knee Crook as we liked to call it. If you laid down on the ground (or allowed up on the sofa even though he wasn't supposed to be on it) he would immediately cuddle up in the crook of your knee. Besides peanut butter knee crooks were his absolute favorite things.
 What is this white cold stuff???

 Ripley in his prime. He was about four years old here. He was super strong, healthy and full of life. He loved playing Tug a Pug, playing Go Get It, and Where's Your Belly? He knew how to sit, stay, speak, high five and roll over.

 He loved crawling under pillows and blankets.

 Ripley and John.

 We took him to the dog park to "socialize" him a few times, but this was a people-dog, not a dog-dog. He never really liked other dogs or cats for that matter. But he loved people. Besides John, Jackie was his absolute favorite person on this Earth. His tail would do it's double curl and he'd almost take off with excitement anytime he saw Grandma. They were buds, I'll tell you that. Who else has a dog that would go spend the weekend at Grandma's house for no other reason than he wanted his Grandma??

 When he was about 8 the girls were born. He started to get a little big of grey on his chin, but he was still an active and happy dog. He got along with the girls so well. He never minded if they tugged on his tail or gave him big hugs. He was a good boy.
Ripley, lived a very happy, very very long almost 16 years. In the past four of those years, he started to lose his sight and hearing and was blind and deaf for a long time, but he didn't let that stop him. He just loved exploring, loved snuffling for food and loved a good cuddle. But in the end, he just got tired and was in alot of pain. After a month of pain meds that didn't really work that well, we decided to say our goodbyes. It wasn't an easy thing to do, but it was an easy decision. We didn't want him to hurt anymore. He gave us everything and it was time. He will always be part of our hearts and our memories. We love you, now and forever Ripley. Pug Dog. Puggy. Pugster, Rippy.

I'm on a horse!

 Thanksgiving being on Thursday, canceled out the girls' horse lessons. So Cathi, their instructor was holding make up lessons on Friday that could be scheduled separately from our regular class. I signed us up for a Mom and Me class and John came to watch us. That way he could see the girls ride and where they take lessons. Here's Maddie and Izzie showing Daddy around the place before our lesson.

 I'm on a horse! I don't think I've ridden in 10 years. I missed it so much. We played some horse games, like weaving cones and moving a mini cone from the top of one post to the another (which was harder than it sounds!) And we went on a trail ride.

The girls still have someone walking next to them on the trail, but they are doing pretty good with controlling their horses in the arena. 


 I'm not sure that my helmet is actually "safe" anymore... it's over 20 years old. (HOLY CRAP... How do I own something that is 20+ years old????) Uh... anyway.... I brought it out of the closet and showed it off the the girls. It still has my PANDA nametag from when I was a counselor and painting of Panda's on the sides. Ten years ago when I was the Riding Director at Misty Meadows, I remember debating on buying a new helmet back then. But I didn't want to show up to the barn in a sparkly new helmet, I needed a broken in helmet for instant "street cred."

Momma, Izzie and Maddie. 


  Izzie and Maddie talking to Mema and Pepaw on Facetime.

 The girls liked painting blindfolded the other day and they decided they wanted to play with shaving cream blindfolded.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Day Pictures

This year it was just the four of us for Thanksgiving, but we had a nice dinner and lots of fun family time. 

Baby it's cold outside!

 Maddie enjoying the fire.


 frost all over


Friday, November 20, 2015

I always forget to take pictures of the actual party

 I was craving an Apple Pie, so I made this Apple Slab Pie for my Crafting Night Party. It's basically a thin apple pie.

 I put out a hot cocoa bar which showcased my awesome tea mug collection. Other than a basic four white that I started out with, none of my mugs are the same, except that they are all white. I love it.

 Apple Slab all cut up.

 I also made some cinnamon raisin bread and put out some dried fruit and nuts. Mom made caramel dipped apples and friends brought some things to enjoy also. It was a fun night.
 Hanukkah and Ezra at horse lessons.

 Taking a break and warming up by the fire.



 Hot cocoa by the fire with books. Life is good.

 Izzie playing a balloon game. Forget expensive toys, a hanger and a balloon is all you need in life, right?

 Izzie and Maddie singing on the fireplace just like I did at Mema's house when I was a kid.

 And now it is Maddie's turn to be sick.



 I love my chalkboard cupbuards. Some weeks I get fancy. Not always, but it's fun to change it up.

 I took one of daddy's t-shirts and one of their old nightgowns and made this new nighty. Maddie likes these little dress nighties but I've had a hard time finding them.

 Aftervwork cuddle time.

Art History studying Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel.