Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Inn at Discovery Coast; Longbeach, Wa

So, John and I hadn't had a weekend away with just the two of us since the girls were born. Well unless you count the time that I came to visit him while he was working in Washington and I stayed back in Texas to sell the house with the girls. But those two weekends were more focused on house hunting than a romantic get away. We were due. So we finally picked a date and booked a weekend. I had a bit of a miscommunication with my mom on babysitting. When she said, "sure" I thought she mean "sure that date works" but she meant, "Sure I'll babysit, let me double check the date." But after her "sure" I told John to book it fast! And he did. And then after we booked a non-refundable weekend, I found out that we booked it on my Mom's anniversary. That I forgot about. Completely. But moms are moms, right? And she didn't complain one bit. So THANK YOU mom and Chris for totally babysitting on your anniversary so that John and I could have a weekend away. It was much much appreciated!!! (And we found a pretty awesome place if you want a belated anniversary get away!)

 After asking some friends and looking to see what was in our budget, we settled on Longbeach, WA. In October, we knew we wouldn't be spending much time on the beach, but I was fine with that. The drive there was about 2 hours and it was a really pretty drive. As we approached Longbeach we had to cross this HUGE bridge. I'm not normally scared of heights, but something about this bridge was just spooky. Especially with the fog and mist. It looked like we were driving to our doom. In a pretty, but eerie sort of way!

 We got checked in and found our room. It was so cute. A mix of rustic industrial and modern. I forgot to take a photo of the ceiling light, but it sort of looked like a papertowel hanging around a lightbulb. John was really confused about it, but I told him that was the look they were going for. I loved almost all the decor at this place, but I do agree with him that ceiling fixture was ridiculous. I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of it!

 So the property had The Inn which was almost bed & breakfast like. It had 9 rooms that were very private and adult only. We had the option of a breakfast basket being delivered or a voucher to the restaurant on property. We opted for the voucher and ate both dinner the night we arrived and both our breakfasts at The Pickled Fish. There was also a larger hotel on the property that was family and dog friendly. There was even water bowls in the hallways and dog treats at the front desk.

 Sitting in the Pickled Fish on the fourth floor of the main hotel, looking down at our Inn through a rainy window. It was misty/foggy/rainy for most of our stay, but I didn't mind at all.

 Our Inn.
 The view from our porch. If it had been a clear day you would see the ocean just past that grass, but the ocean completely blends with the sky and you could hear it, but not see it, except the crest of a wave very occasionally.

 When we had thought the rain had stopped for a bit we decided to venture down to the beach. It was WINDY and COLD!! As soon as we got almost down to the beach the sky opened up and started hailing on us! We made a mad dash back to the Inn and were laughing in stitches by the time we made it back. That hail hurt, but it was fun nevertheless!

 Saturday night we ate dinner at The Lost Roo. I loved the planter they had over our table. It was a wrought iron sphere with a plant in the middle. The food was good too. All the food the entire weekend was excellent.

 Waking up, drinking hot tea in bed and not having anything we had to do was an amazing feeling.

 Like I said, I loved, loved, loved the decor at the Inn. Even the sign which was laser cut stainless steel mounted on old wood was so cool to me. I loved the metals and industrial mixed with the old and homey.

 I loved the light fixture at the front desk. I want this in my dining room.
 The Pickled Fish is a Slow Movement restaurant. Farm to table. You could have asked where the chicken came from and they would have told you. Actually it was on one of the chalkboards in the dining room. And the wait and cook staff reflected that slow movement too. The slow movement in the food industry is all about going slow, enjoying the process of cooking and dining. Don't grab and rush. Take time to develop flavors. But if you aren't used to that philosophy, you might get a bit impatient at this place. Please wait to be seated, the operative word was WAIT. But it was worth it. Best Fried Egg Sandwich EVER. But maybe all that waiting stirred up my appetite?!?

 Just as we were leaving, blue skies appeared!

 I'm not one to normally take photos in bathrooms, but I LOVED this upcycle idea of using an old faucet as a doorhandle on the stall door. So much that I copied it. I've been trying to decide on drawer pulls for my kitchen and decided this was a perfect solution! What can I say, I was inspired!

 Old photo in a rustic wood frame and glass.

 Simple light fixtures where the bulb is the star. Loved it!

 Obligatory Selfie.

 Driving away from Room 3. I'll miss you Inn at Discovery Coast, hopefully we'll be back soon!!

 On the drive home.

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