Thursday, October 22, 2015

Art days

 We made a little house for Latin and labeled the walls, windows and doors.

We were doing a Japanse Unit and for part of that we took a look at Japanese art and proverbs. We decided it'd be nice to make little cards to send to Grandma and Grandpa to cheer them up after Nanny's passing. Izzie sat down and by studying this picture:

She drew this one: 
I was pretty impressed. 
Maddie liked this drawing of a mountain with a waterfall that appeared to be floating in the mists. So she made this card with a volcano, a waterfall mountain and a mountain with a walking trail spiraling around it. The photo sort of changed the color on the foil paper she used to create the art. She also helped pick out the proverb to add to the card.

 Maddie's proverb.

 The girl scouts had a fieldtrip to the Portland Art Museum. I was excited to be one of the adult volunteers.
 The docent was awesome and completely captivating to the girls. In the American Indian room, she showed them how to weave beads.

 Then the kids got to try to do some beading themselves.

 Looking at ancient vases in the Asian Art room.

 Driving home from dinner one night Izzie spotted a double rainbow that stretched across the entire sky. It was pretty awesome!

 Izzie working on a Story chain. We were discussing Setting, Characters, Beginning, Middle, Problems and End.
 Big turnout for Storytime at Heather's new house.

 Maddie trying on her witch costume, it's almost done!

 I bought the girls some bounce balls for energy and for posture during school. They've been one of the best purchases of the year!

The porch looks so much better now that the pond aka swamp aka sludge is now filled in with rocks.

 Maddie working on another still life for drawing class.

 Izzie's view. She likes to work big.

 Maddie likes to work in small spaces with details.

 Two of the new dresses I bought the girls off Amazon. Size 14/16! Put a brick on these kids they keep growing and growing!

Izzie and Maddie sitting at their new "chairs" I got one for me too!

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